Read and translate the text in a written form.

Iam a second-year student at the Dnipropetrovsk Welding and Electronics Technical School named by E.O.Paton. In 2 years I’ll become a welder. I am interested in welding very much.

Welding is a method of causing fusion between two like pieces of metal to form one homogeneous mass of metal.

Fusion of two masses of metal may be brought about by four different processes, namely: 1) Forge or blacksmith welding; 2) thermit welding; 3) Electric welding; 4) Gas welding.

Many people continue careers of their parents or grand parents but it is not the case with me. My mother is a teacher and my father is a doctor. But I don't want to be neither a teacher nor a doctor.

My favourite subjects in technical school are mathematics, physics, and, of course, computer science. I am not interested in such subjects as geography, biology or chemistry.

My hobby is …(computer games and computer programming;)

I think that the profession of welder is needed nowadays. Because welding is widely used in the construction, erection welding (монтажная сварка), hydroengineering (гидротехнический) works and in such branches of industry as machine-building, aircraft construction, etc.

So after I graduate from the Welding and Electronics technical school I want to enter the university and study on welding.


1. Are you going to continue your parents' careers?

2. What are your favourite subjects in technical school?

3. What subjects don't you like?

4. What is your hobby?

5. Why do you think your job will give you many opportunities?

6. Are you going to continue your education after technical school?

Word List:

1. mechanical engineer [mi'kænik(ə)l] інженер-механік
2. electric engineer [i'lektrik] інженер-електрик
3. electronic engineer [iˌlek'trɔnik ], інженер електронік
4. computer engineer [kəm'pju:tə] інженер-комп’ютерщик
5. military engineer ['milit(ə)ri] військовий інженер
6. prestigious job (work) [pres'tiʤəs] престижна робота
7. well-paid job високооплачувана робота
8. employee [im'plɔɪi:] найманий робочий
9. employer [im'plɔiə] наймодатель
10. businessman підприємець
11. state-employed державний службовець
12. white-collar worker «білий комірець», робітник розумової праці
13. blue-collar worker «синій комірець», робітник фізичноїї праці
14. skilled worker кваліфікований робітник
15. unskilled worker некваліфікований робітник
16. experienced worker досвідчений робітник
17. to be hired for a job ['haiəd] бути нанятим на виконання роботи
18. to look for a new job (work, position) шукати нову роботу
19. to apply for a new job претендувати на нову роботу
20. application for a position of заява на яку-небудь посаду
21. to be fired ['faiəd] бути звільненим
22. to retire [ri'taiə] уходити на пенсію
23. to be unemployed [ˌʌnim'plɔid] бути безробітним

2. How do you see your future profession? Please answer the following questions: